OPINION|| Why Hasn’t The Schooling System Changed? It’s Getting Embarrassing Now

Ever since the first humans set foot on earth, the idea of an elderly person passing knowledge to their offspring has always been in existence. Back then though, it was just on a 1-on-1 basis as opposed to kids being taught as a group.

Horace Mann, the man who formalized the schooling system.
Horace Mann

The idea of formalizing the schooling concept was championed by a college professor named Horace Mann. Believe it or not, after 382 years of its existence, the system hasn’t changed at all.

Schooling system defies this law of life
Schooling system defies this law of life

A wise man once said, “nothing lasts forever” and this has been evidenced by industries across all walks of life changing their structure, shape or form over the years as time went on.

cellphone evolution
cellphone evolution

Technology has changed, music has changed, clothing has changed, automotive industry has changed, human behavior has changed, agricultural sector has expanded, space exploration is more advanced now, ways of communication have exploded….hell even the almighty earth has structurally shifted.

Now the million rand question is why after so many years have passed hasn’t the schooling system changed at all? Why is the mode of its operation still the same as it was 3 centuries back??….or even better, why has society accepted this as being normal?.

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Old schooling system vs new schooling system

Make no mistakes about it, schooling system goes against the laws that govern life and that’s really sad to see especially considering how all the other industries have improved for the better.


Its crystal clear now that there’s something definitely wrong with the schooling system of the world. Unless radical measures are taken to revolutionize this industry, the world will keep on getting the same results.

In life, nothing is guaranteed except for change and death but schooling system doesn’t seem to adhere to the former reality and that seriously needs to change.



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