Why’s RICH MNISI So Expensive? Here’s The Most Detailed Answer

Jaws break whenever Rich Mnisi drops prices for his new range of designs, which leaves many taking to social media to ask this popular question: Why’s RICH MNISI So Expensive??!

Why's Rich Mnisi So Expensive

Known for its simplistic capital R logo, RICH MNISI is a South African luxury fashion brand that has already stamped its presence in the African market and slowly breaking into the scenes of the universe.

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Its not an a-b-c answer but what really makes RICH MNISI expensive is the brand’s rich heritage and amazing marketing strategy. The brand mashes up unique elements of design and has a smart way to create desire and high demand amongst the consumers. But then again, there’s more to this….

Rich Mnisi

RICH MNISI is a brand that’s positioned in a way whereby it instantly unleashes a sense of prestige, status and desirability. It has been seen as a brand that confers whoever’s wearing it with an automatic sense of social status.

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Born on the 14th of December 1993 as Rich Fumani Mnisi in Johannesburg, South Africa.

From a young age, Rich has always had love for fashion, this came after his sister turned a pair of jeans into a skirt and since then, Rich has always been inspired to make clothing.

Luckily for him, his family has always been behind his back especially his mother who constantly encouraged him to venture into fashion. As he continued to grow older, his interest in the fashion world waxed stronger.

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He founded RICH MNISI in 2015, initially as an outlet for him hoping to unearth African hidden treasures while also being youthful, contemporary and modern.

Mnisi wanted to connect his brand deeper with his unique culture & heritage and tell a beautiful dark twisted story through his art.

RICH MNISI is a brand that charges “as much as people are willing to pay”…just look at the brand’s marketing ads.

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RICH MNISI does not target all buyers around the world but only a select few. In this way, it ensures that the high price is some form of client selectivity.

Again, the brand relies so much on a strategy that allows the upper class to display their status and prestige. For instance, the R logo suggests that buyers are of upper class, have great taste and big pockets.

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The very fact that not everyone has the means to buy RICH MNISI has gained the brand a sense of sophistication, status and prestige.

Why's Rich Mnisi So Expensive, this skirt costs over R60K

Bernard Arnault, the founder of Louis Vuitton, once said:

“Any fine luxury item or collectable piece is worth only as much as the buyer is willing to pay.”

It goes without saying that some people just can’t understand why someone would splurge over R5000 for just a mere mask, but the targeted buyers don’t really mind at all.

If by chance, RICH MNISI’s designs were to be budget-priced, the usual followers of the brand would stop buying due to loss of exclusivity.

That R logo alone represents exclusivity and suggests that the owner has a nice taste, fat pockets and demands nothing but the best.

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The brand’s products are very costly and this puzzles some buyers because they just don’t see the value or reason behind the mammoth prices…

Rich Mnisi

But then again, the loyal followers of RICH MNISI don’t mind at all.



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