10 Brands Owned By Bruce Dube’s Nine80 Digital Media In South Africa

Nine80 Digital Media is a South African digital publishing company launched by Bruce Dube. The company currently owns multiple digital assets in 5 African countries including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Nigeria and Kenya .

Bruce Dube's company logo, Nine80 Digital Media

With over millions in monthly reach, Nine80 Digital Media’s aim is to solidify Africa’s digital publishing landscape and position themselves as a competitive youth orientated digital publishing and advertising company in the whole of Africa.

Bruce Dube suited up looking serious

Bruce Dube launched the company after he saw a gap in the African digital market and since then, he’s been able to accomplish a lot in this difficult to penetrate market niche.

The young entrepreneur took Nine80 Digital Media from being a small time fish in the pond to being one of the sharks currently dominating the African digital ocean.

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01. Youth Village

Launched in 2011, Youth Village SA aims to facilitate better access to developmental information in the country relating to health, entrepreneurship, employment etc.

02. OkMzansi

The portal regularly updates Mzansi’s news and entertainment on a daily basis. It reaches over millions in audience ranging between 18 – 30 years old.

03. Viral Feed South Africa

Covers all the celebrity news, glitz & glamour, buzz and trending topics happening in the country on a daily basis.

04. SA Music Magazine

South Africa is a country that really loves music. Knowing this, SA Music Magazine’s is to cover everything relating to the industry. Also, helping upcoming artists with the right information to propell their careers to stardom.

05. SA Hip Hop Mag

From famous beefs, BARZ, endorsement deals, MTV’s Hottest MC Lists and cruel record labels, SA Hip Hop Mag covers everything relating to the vicious rap world in the country.

06. The Yanos Magazine

With the new genre dominating the music scenes in the country, The Yanos Magazine was launched to cover the hottest new releases and hottest topics in the Amapiano world.

07. Kasi Lyrics

When it comes to song’s lyrics in the country, it doesn’t matter whether a song is written in English, Zulu, Pedi or even Afrikaans, Kasi Lyrics covers everything.

08. StartUp Magazine

Launching a company or even getting funding is never an easy thing in South Africa but StartUp Magazine’s aim is to make the whole process smoother. By providing relevant information relating to entrepreneurship in the country.

09. Diski365

The game of soccer is loved by most in the country, Diski365 covers everything related to football in the country. From the scores to the post match interviews, no stone is left unturned.

10. WikiMzansi

Bruce Dube gave Mzansi it's very own Wikipedia called WikiMzansi

As the name says, WikiMzansi is basically the Wikipedia of South Africa, there isn’t much information on most of our local heroes.

WikiMzansi’s aim is to fully highlight the knowledge of the country’s unknown heroes.

Bruce Dube is proof that you can get to the higher rankings in business world without rich parents, political connections or looting state funds.


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