The Only Way To Beat The System Of “ME TOO” Businesses

It’s very easy to create a website and start blogging. It’s very easy to download an MT4 and start trading forex. It’s very easy to register on Easy Equities and start investing in stocks. It’s very easy to join Herbalife and start advertising on social media. It’s very easy to start a YouTube channel and talk about your life. It’s very easy to start a Facebook page and start selling makeup. It’s very easy to print t-shirts with a logo and start selling.

Me ttoo business

But its widely known that very few individuals who engage in these ventures ever succeed, WHY’S THAT?? There’s a lot of factors behind this but if we’re to dum it down to just one cause, it has to be lack of execution.

Why Hasn’t The Schooling System Changed? It’s Getting Embarrassing Now

Anything written, “easy to make money,” attracts a lot of people. After all, its only human nature to always look for the easy way out.

Unfortunately, selling Herbalife or trading forex is anything but easy, so when reality starts hitting the excitement bubble, over 90% of people run away as quickly as they came through. The remaining 10% though, push until they make it.

So what makes the remaining 10% special over the 90% of losers?? The answer is simple: EXECUTIONAL EXCELLENCE

Executional Excellence(EE)

EE is basically being very good at what you do.

Its posting a blogpost every day as opposed to once per month. Its sleeping at 2am every day while trying to figure out the charts or stock market. Its going to CBD everyday to try and sell your Herbalife or iNUKA products. Its figuring out other channels to sell your printed t-shirts other than social media.

High School Dropout Signing A 7 Figure Deal Proves Anything Is Possible


News24 is basically a news blog site but because the company has applied EXECUTIONAL EXCELLENCE, its more than just a blog, its a trusted brand many people rely on.

On a daily basis from Monday to Sunday, News24 posts over a 200 articles related to all topics. These Media24 numbers suggest excellency at what they do. They are consistent and can always be counted on to deliver.

While on the other hand, a regular blogger wants to succeed by posting once every week, can you believe that?? I’m not saying post 200 articles per day but atleast a blogpost per day, that’s manageable, unless you’re lazy.

Another perfect example of EXECUTIONAL EXCELLENCE has to be Chill & Podcast With MacG, they post long 2 videos on a weekly basis and make a respectable income. While on the hand, a regular Youtuber post once in a month and expects to make money.

You Have To Control Every Major Aspect Of Your Business Or Elseā€¦

Don’t Go For Easy Start

Normally I’d advise people to go for ventures that don’t have easy access, whereby you’d have to sweat first before you can officially be in business.

For instance Portia M, before she had a fully made product in her hands, Portia had to first examine marula fruits and their ability to reduce stretch marks. She then went to a lab to ask them to turn the marula fruit into a cream. She designed the packaging for the cream, went to SABS & waited weeks for their approval.

You see, her starting process wasn’t easy as filling a name, surname and password. It was a process itself and that’s just the start alone, there’s still selling, marketing and distribution, which presents yet another gruelling challenge.

These sort of ventures aren’t crowded, because starting isn’t easy, starting is a process rather than an event, not every Tom, Dick and Jerry will attempt going for them.

You’re Too Creative To Be Calling Someone Else Boss

But then again…

You can’t really discourage anyone from making a living on “easy” starts like YouTube, blogging, iNUKA, Herbalife, Forex trading, Easy Equities, selling t-shirts and the rest.

But its important they understand and aggressively apply the concept of EXECUTIONAL EXCELLENCE.

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