OPINION|| You Have To Control Every Major Aspect Of Your Business Or Else…

Once upon a time in Multichoice’s DStv history, it had a news channel owned by the Guptas called ANN7 that was thriving. The 24 hour satellite channel generated huge amounts of viewers on a daily basis.

Unfortunately though, due to political interferences and other related issues, Multichoice decided not to renew it’s contract with ANN7 which then led to its demise after just 5 years of existence.

Multichoice is a perfect example of, Control every major part of your business.

No one can really blame Multichoice for what occurred as no business would want to associate itself with unscrupulous clients that may potentially hurt the image of the brand that has taken so long to solidify.

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Without no doubt, ANN7 was one of the most successful news channel we had in the country but even without mentioning the political interferences, their business structure was flawed from the get-go.

ANN7, just like all the other shows you see everyday, are just too dependent on DStv as the anchor for their shows. So dependent that if the digital giants decided to pull the plug, they’ll go out of business quickly than you can say “that’s not fair.”

As you’d expect, after the cut from DStv, nothing was ever the same for ANN7. The channel was sold to Mzwanele Manyi’s Afrotone Media Holdings and got rebranded as Afro Worldview but that still didn’t make a dint to restore its reputation.

ANN7 should've had control every major part of your business so thatI it wouldn't close down

ANN7 failed not because Multichoice sliced it from being aired on DStv, ANN7 failed because it didn’t control every major aspect of its business and unfortunately, that’s the same case for most businesses you see today.

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Importance Of Control

It's like driving your car when you control every major part of your business

When you’re driving a car, you control everything to ensure that you reach your destination safely. From the steering wheel, gear, paddles, speed or whether its on tarred road or gravel.

The very same control you have when driving a car, is the same control you have to possess in your business to ensure you reach not only profitability but independency too. Otherwise, someone can just pull the plug and put you out of business.

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When you control every major part of your business, you automatically have the upper hand

The business structure of Multichoice’s DStv ticks all the right boxes when it comes to controlling every aspect of your business. It’s near impossible to put them out of business because both consumers and producers of shows are too dependent for their services.

When you Control every major part of your business, you have a low risk of failure

In conclusion, the next time you think of launching a new business, make sure it satisfies the rule of controlling every major part of it.


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