OPINION|| Don’t Give In To Your Parents Pressure Of Quitting Entrepreneurship

It’s quite common that parents will discourage their children from pursuing entrepreneurship, they would rather see them opting for the safe 9 – 5 than going to the jungle plagued with uncertainty and red flags.

They don’t mean harm at all, It’s just the role they have to play as parents. They have to protect their offspring at all costs. No parent wants to see their child harmed or attempting to do something dangerous or career ruining.

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So its understandable when most of the times, they’d discourage their children from pursuing not only a career in entrepreneurship but also their dreams of being rappers, soccer stars or even writers.

Don’t get me wrong, more than anyone else in the world, your parents wanna see you prosper and succeed in life. No one and I mean no one, will ever love you as much as your parents do.

The number one reason parents always discourage their children from pursuing entrepreneurship is because it isn’t deemed safe according to societal standards. Parents think there’s just too many unknown variables and too many things that could go wrong.

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5 Things Parents Should Understand

Mom can be right about a lot of things, from the friends we keep or unhealthy foods we keep consuming but when it comes to what our heart desires, we definitely know better.

01. Mom, You Aren’t Always Right

02. It’s Who We Are

We can’t change ourselves, we love pursuing entrepreneurship until death do us apart. We love providing services or building stuff to help humanity, its not about the money. Its about the rush we get from accomplishing things.

03. We Need Support Not Stats

When we enter the world of entrepreneurship, the odds are stacked against us from the get-go but we don’t care. We’re crazy enough to believe we will make it despite the quoted numbers.

04. We See Failure Differently

Things may not be going well or that start-up we launched may have gone bankrupt but to us, those setbacks only mean stepping stones to success. Failure means nothing but positivity to us.

05. We Don’t Mind Being Weirdos

Entrepreneurs don’t mind being called names or labelled crazy because to us, that’s just confirmation that we’re doing something different from the rest of the crowd.

The Judging Begins

Once you tell your parents that you wanna pursue entrepreneurship, judgements will come from all sides of the angle.

They will tell you how its a bad choice where too many people don’t make it. These talks will play in your head but just don’t let them get to the heart.

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Don’t Let The Pressure Get To You

They might threaten to cut you off or tell you about the neighbor’s kid who’s working at a law firm. They’re gonna use every trick in the book to try and discourage you.

It doesn’t matter, just don’t let the pressure get to you. The psychological attacks won’t kill you and what doesn’t kill you…..??

In Conclusion

Understand that you’re here to live your life and serve your purpose, not satisfy needs of other people.



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