It’s Easy To Start These 5 Businesses But Actually Difficult To Succeed

If you wanna start a new bank anywhere around the world, there’s plenty of paperwork, following-steps, financial profiling, waiting period etc, one has to go through before they can officially say they’re in business.

Now when it comes to other businesses though, an individual can setup all the requirements in a day and say they’re in business. Although it might be easy to start in these kinda businesses, it certainly isn’t to reach the finish line and make profit.

Let’s checkout the 5 industries whereby its easy to start and be in business without no hassles:


Easy to start a business as a forex trader because you already have a phone with you

It comes as no surprise that forex or stock trading comes at the top of the list, its so easy to start. All an individual gotta have is a smartphone, internet, trading app & broker and that’s it, you’re in business baby.

Easy to start a business with forex

The markets are very lucrative but at the same time, can be a slaughterhouse. According to numerous reports released over the years, only 10% of people succeed in this industry.


Starting is like taking candy from a baby. All you need is a small open land, a spade to prepare the land, a board, a chalk to write “car wash” on the board and +/-R250 for car cleaning products and you’re set.

Easy to start a business with washing cars

If you take a walk around any township, you’ll realize some of the many car washes are no longer operating and there’s a good reason for that, its really difficult to prosper in this industry.


Its very simple with apparels, just get a plain t-shirt & cap, a logo from the internet, brand name and a social media presence and you’re ready to rock the world. It takes less than a week for all of this to come together.

Branded apparels are so easy to start

The most difficult part about this business is the marketing and finding an affordable distribution system. Most people start but only few take it to the top.

Multilevel Marketing

MLM structure

Anyone who isn’t the owner of an MLM company like Herbalife, Avon or INUKA but part of it as a marketer for their products, can’t really say they’re in business because they don’t control any part of it.

It's easy to start a business with herbalife

Even though they aren’t real owners, many still flood to start in this industry but its only few who really make it and that takes years of hardwork, dedication and never backing down from inevitable setbacks.

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With less than R1000 start capital, a table and somewhere where you can put that table, boom! you’re ready to say “I’m a businessman.”

Spaza shop
Spaza shop

You’d think for an industry that generates over 7 billion yearly, people would really prosper but that’s far from the truth, many are scrapping at the bottom due various reasons with ‘too much competition’ being at the top.

Nothing is Impossible

Just because its difficult doesn’t necessarily mean it’s impossible to make it in these 5 industries. It takes everything from the laws of success to finally see results and the irony is that it starts from starting.


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