OPINION|| As Long As You Haven’t Implemented Your Idea, It Doesn’t Belong To You

According to worldometers, there’s over 7.7 billion in the entire world. With that said, make peace with the fact that whatever genius idea you claim to possess, there’s a higher probability someone out there possesses it too.

No one can really claim the rights to have thought of an idea first, good or bad. The only person who can claim the rights to a certain idea is the one who implemented or took action upon it.

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Entrepreneurship has always been about execution of ideas to solve problems affecting people. It has never been about lazing on the sofa thinking of how you can change the world. Action is the only way to determine if something will work or not.

Just in case you needed reminding, thinking is one of the most easiest tasks to perform, you won’t even break a sweat. So it’s very surprising when people make it seem as if thinking of some sort of an idea is something that should be applauded while its not.

Applauds should only go to the action taker, someone who brings life out of a thought to make a product or service that helps humanity. Thinking of an idea only takes a split second while execution of that idea takes time, months or even years.

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Don’t get me wrong, It’s really nice to brainstorm crazy ideas with your friends that can solve human problems or do this and that but what good does it do when they’re only in your head?

All the inventors you look up to, all the rappers who’re charting with hits, all the fashion designers, all the Messi’s and Ronaldo’s of the world, have one thing in common and that’s EXECUTION.


Whenever time you think your idea is wack, just remember there’s a company out there called Vitality Air that packaged plain air from countries around the world like Russia or France and sold it, just like that.

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GOD has given us limited amount of time on this planet earth, so don’t waste it by always thinking, waste it by always executing your ideas.



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