OPINION|| You Only Need One Deal In Business To Cover Up Someone’s 10 Year Salary

The ugly thing about entrepreneurship is that its very ugly. You’ll have sleepness nights thinking about your business. You’ll be broke. You’ll get laughed at. You’ll be looked down up…hell sometimes you’ll even cry, its definitely not for the faint hearted.

Entrepreneurship isn't for the weak

The laws that govern life say that anything that has a negative side, has to have a positive side and same rule does apply in entrepreneurship too.

YES you will suffer a lot, YES you will cry and become frustrated, YES you won’t be profitable for some months or even years but trust me when I tell you, all will be forgiven once you lock in that one deal in your business journey.

You see, unlike in the corporate world where you have to climb for many years to finally get the big checks, in entrepreneurship, you only need to close one deal and you’re set, that’s all it takes, that’s the beauty of it and that’s why you should love it.

You only need one deal in business to become a success


Closing a deal can mean finally seeing some consistency in forex. Finally getting a distribution system to sell you product. Finally getting your app downloaded. Finally receiving a buyout offer…it can be anything that involves finally seeing money in your hustling.

You’re Too Creative To Be Calling Someone Else Boss

Earnings in entrepreneurship rise exponentially as opposed to the linear system of 9-5. This basically means that once an entrepreneur closes a deal, he/she is most likey to surpass someone who’s been earning a salary for the last 10 years. YES! you read that right, passing them with a Usain Bolt speed.

Be patient and wait for your one deal that's on the way

So if you’re an entrepreneur out there trying to find their way, just be patient. Always know from the back of your head that you only need one deal to seal your dreams and become a success story.

Always remember remember your dreams are, worth fighting for no matter what anyone else says.



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