OPINION|| ABCs That Worked For Johann Rupert Won’t Necessarily Work For You

We get, you like Johann Rupert and wanna attain all the billions he’s got but mimicking every single thing he has done won’t necessarily get you to his level of success…if anything, this strategy might prove to be detrimental to your career.

You’re not Rupert and Rupert is not you and there’s nothing wrong with that. We all came here to serve different purposes, not try to be something we’re not.

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For someone like Rupert, who’s certainly achieved a lot in business, I don’t see why he shouldn’t be a motivation to anyone who’s trying to make it in their own entrepreneurial journey.

The thing is, motivation is different from mimicking. With motivation, you know that because Rupert is a human too like yourself, you can also reach his level of success or even higher if you play your cards right.

With mimicking though, you’re trying to repeat every single step he went through to attain that success. If it means Rupert smoked 100 cigarettes in a day during his hustle days, you have to do the same and go through that process.

Not because its right or wrong, healthy or not but because someone whom you’re trying to become so badly, has done it too.

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Its Impossible

Rupert started his business journey in the 60s, during a time when technology wasn’t that advanced or no pandemic affecting the world.

To mimic him, you’d have to put yourself in the same exact conditions which is impossible because you can’t rewind time.

You Don’t Have Rupert’s Instincts

On one of the rare interviews Rupert has done, he mentioned that sometimes he relies on his gut feeling when making business decisions rather than on logic alone.

You might have a body shape similar to Rupert’s or skin colour but one thing for sure, you don’t have his instincts, you have yours.

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Even Rupert Has Been Himself

When Johann was finally handed the reigns to his father’s empire, Rembrandt, he took the company in his own direction by splitting it to Remgro & Richemont to further capitalize on its success.

With that said, if the same Rupert you’re trying to mimic, didn’t mimic his own father but been himself, then who are you to mimic him?

Be Yourself

You’re being a disgrace to your GOD given talents if you’re trying to become someone else.

Be yourself, its the best gift you can ever give not only to the world but yourself too. The world needs to see your talents, definitely not your mimicking skills.

In Conclusion

Just know that you’ll never be a Johann Rupert, you’ll always be a you with your own uniqueness and last time I checked, being unique was never a bad thing.