Looking For A Job Is Hard, Entrepreneurship Is Hard But The Rewards Are Different

As everyone probably knows by now, nothing is easy in life. Achieving things takes hardwork, perseverance and never backing down from challenges, whether it be in looking for a job or creating earning opportunities through entrepreneurship, it takes nothing but a disciplined effort.

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Knowing this, its advisable that you pick your battles very well so that even after you achieve whatever it is you’re working on, you’ll be well compensated for your blood, sweat and tears.

New Unprepared Challenge

For instance, after an individual finally wins in the, “looking for a job” department, another battle automatically begins. This new battle is rarely prepared for until you’re in the “employed” phase.

This battle includes a guaranteed salary every month, being woken by an alarm at 4am every 5 days, being shouted at by your boss, being overworked & overlooked, a less than 10% salary increase every 12 months, being gossiped by your colleagues for wearing the same outfit, only getting a 2 week leave for every 52 weeks of the year and many other factors which are part & parcel of being employed.

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Part & Parcel

Success in entrepreneurship also has its own ups and downs after an individual finally gets it right. Part & Parcel of success in entrepreneurship includes a healthy bank balance, no boss, vacation to exotic places, driving sports cars, eating nice food, exponential income increase, living in mansions, having time on your hands and so many other positive factors.

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In Conclusion

Achieving success in either the job market or entrepreneurship, probably takes the same amount of effort with the only difference being the zeros in the bank accounts, with that said, REDIRECT YOUR EFFORTS WISELY.



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