OPINION|| If Your Business Can’t Be Systemized, Its Just Another Job

If your business always requires your presence to be open for business then it’s just another job disguised as business.

Look around, the best businesses are the ones which don’t require the owner to be there to operate on a daily basis, e.g Takealot, ARC, Facebook etc. The owners found a way to systemize the business and become successful at it without even lifting a finger.

Wait a second though, this systemization doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years and years of strategizing, hardwork, perseverance and never backing down from challenges.

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It has been said that Johann Rupert spends most of his time in Switzerland and last time I checked, his most successful company, Remgro, has its headquarters here in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

So the 1 hundred trillion rand question would be, “why would the richest man in South Africa leave his company and go spend some time in another country??….4 word answer: he systemized his business.

What’s A System In Business?

Its a stage in business whereby it doesn’t require the owner’s presence to run on a daily basis and make profits.

In the case of Rupert, it means he can go and vacation anywhere around the world sipping champagne and smoking cigar on the beach while the randelas keep rolling in the bank.


What’s the point of your business making huge profits per year while you can’t enjoy them?? Unfortunately, most business owners are facing this dilemma and that’s really sad to see.

The owners are really performing well in business but sadly, they can’t take a day or a month off to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

That’s not because they don’t want to but because they’re scared that if they do, business will close for that period of time or competition will start catching up.

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I get it, its human behavior to always pinpoint mistakes than offer solutions but not this time…

To make your business fully operational without your presence, you must strategize from the beginning till the end, no two ways about it.

If you’re a salon owner, don’t just own one salon. Make sure you franchise your salon brand to different parts of the country. Establish your brand, Train the employees, hire a CEO who will manage the managers who run the different salons and go enjoy your life.

It Takes Time

On paper, it might seem like this systemization of your business will happen overnight but in reality, it takes a long time, usually years, to finally reach that stage where you can be still sleeping at 11am.

So you gotta be patient and put in the work, the time will come.

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Well Sometimes…

Sometimes you’d find that an owner has already systemized their company but because they just love being in business so much, they continue running their business on a daily basis without no vacation and that’s okay.

You just have to do what satisfies and keeps you happy.

In Conclusion…

Your company shouldn’t be a burden but it will become one if you don’t find a way to systemize it.



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