The 7 Word Advice That Helped Sisa Ngebulana Become A Billionaire

On the journey to success, most people during their down moments, usually look for inspiration from different sources.

Some from their difficult upbringing, some from fear of poverty, some from the multiple rejections they faced, some from failures they endured, some from being looked down upon but as for Mr Sisa Ngebulana, he always sources his inspiration from a 7 word advice his grandmother once gave him growing up.

“You have two hands and two eyes”

According to Sisa, he grew up in a very big family, whereby they’d be between 12 to 15 of his brothers, sisters and cousins in the house and although they had different interests, one thing for sure, they were always working.

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On a daily basis, his grandmother would wake them up with instructions to find something to do as they were lucky enough to possess fully functioning hands and eyes.

His grandmother said they were blessed enough and must use the tools that God has given them to make something of themselves.

When Sisa left Mthatha, he didn’t know which career path he’d venture into, but one thing he knew for sure, was that greatness awaited him in the future.

Today, he’s the chairperson and sole owner of Billion Group, a property company he founded in 1998. He also founded Rebosis Property Fund in 2010, the first black property fund to be listed on JSE.

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He’s suffered multiple failures from various businesses and at one point, had to crawl his way back out of a R1.1 million debt on a R10 000 salary.

But he deeply believes that every crisis presents an opportunity in life and thinks such is necessary to happen from time to time, in order for us to rebuild ourselves and get more stronger.

According to Sisa, whenever he’s going through a rough patch in business, he always remembers his grandmother’s 7 word advice, and more often than not, its enough to give him that kick back to action.

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Sisa Ngebulana’s grandmother is right though, if you have both your eyes and hands, together combined with a positive mindset and a massive work ethic, there’s nothing that can literally stop you from attaining success but your goddamm self.




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