OPINION|| Stop Manipulating People With Race To Sell Your Products

Whenever time you’re selling a product or service, don’t manipulate people with your race into buying what you’re offering. Rather, make the best product as possible that will leave them with no choice but to buy it.

Its understandable that you might be the first person of a certain race to discover something and that’s really great and of course you should be proud of it but using race manipulative tactics to sell your product is very wrong, emotions aside.

People have the right to choose what to buy with their hard earned money and you’re becoming a burden to them by manipulating them with your race to buy your products or service.

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A Good Product Sells

Whenever time a musician releases a hit that gets the world dancing, people vibe to that song because its a great song not because it was made by an artist belonging to specific race.

A great song is a great song despite the race the artist who made it belongs to. Your product or service must be the same way that it leaves people have no choice but to buy or use it.

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Its Not Sustainable

Although the strategy of manipulating people with your race to sell products might work in the short term, it definitely won’t in the long term.

People get tired of being manipulated by race or whatever to coerce them to do something. Humans are adaptive creatures by nature and eventually they’ll outgrow your manipulative tactics and no longer fall to them.

That’s because people are buying your product out of pettiness, not because its a great product that will help or improve their lives in one way or another.

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You’re Wasting time

The time you spend manipulating people with race to buy your product is the same amount of time you should be spending to explain how good your product is and in what way it will help improve a potential customer’s life.

You’re wasting people’s time with race this, race that manipulative tactics. Just advertise your product and if its good enough, people will buy.

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Marketing strategies to coerce people into buying a product or service, normally involves some sort of creativity but with the race manipulative strategy, its a one way street.

Marketing has never been about using the same thing over and over again, its always been about breaking boundaries with creativity to advertise your product in a way that will attract customers.

In Conclusion

You’ve already lost the war the exact second you use race to sell your products, you might survive today but tomorrow, your definitely won’t.

Tap into that creative mind to create the best product ever and with the best marketing plan, customers will come.