Become A Traitor To These 7 Things If You Wanna Be Successful In Life

Growing up, we’ve been conditioned to follow certain things, believe in certain things and overall, just do what everyone else is doing but today, that should come to an end because you’re doing an injustice to humanity.

Become a traitor to the crowd

You were brought in this world for a purpose and if you’re not tapping into that creative mind to find out what it is, you’ve just accompanied people who have.

As Long As You Haven’t Implemented Your Idea, It Doesn’t Belong To You

You could be the next Nelson Mandela or Mark Shuttleworth but if you’re not willing to try and put yourself in the battlefield, your dreams will end just there, being dreams.

You should go out there and give it everything you got in order to realize your dreams to reality but first, you have to be a traitor to the following:


Become a traitor to job system that requires 8 hours of your time daily

Its too predictable, wake up at 5am and come back at 6pm, you’re too talented to be following a routine everyday. Become a traitor to this system if you wanna see change and excitement in your life.


YES you might like your friends but if they aren't aligned with your goals, become a traitor to them

If your friends aren’t aligned with the vision of your future, cancel them. You need to be around people who support and encourage you when you fall, no those who laugh behind your back.


Hardwork alone isn’t enough to propell you to a life of being wealthy and if you don’t believe so, show me a donkey that’s rich. Become a traitor to hardwork and be friends with working smart.

Social Media

Become a traitor to living your life according to social media standards. Its okay if you don’t have the latest iPhone, its okay if you aren’t in the club on a Friday night, its okay if you aren’t drinking Savannah…just live your life as you see fit.


Cassper Nyovest had to leave Mafikeng and go to Johannesburg to find rap success. Connie Ferguson had to leave Botswana and come to SA to pursue her acting dream.

Become a traitor to your hometown because you’re too accustomed to that place, go to another province or country and explore, who knows, you might find your success there too.

School Teachers

Become a traitor to the knowledge your school teachers taught you, labeling animal structures will never make you rich and propesprous in life. Start reading books and stories of people who really made it.

Netflix & Chill

Become a traitor to Netflix & Chill

No one has ever become rich from chilling and watching entertainment. Become a traitor to Netflix & Chill, go out there and solve some needs massively and money will flow into your bank account.

High School Dropout Signing A 7 Figure Deal Proves Anything Is Possible

We’re not saying become a traitor like Judas but rather, become a traitor to things that hold your life back and keep you in the same spot.



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