OPINION|| You’re Too Creative To Be Calling Someone Else BOSS

According to medical science, the human brain has two parts; the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. The left side mainly performs tasks that have to do with logic and reasoning. On the other hand, the right side deals with anything that has to do with creativity and arts.

Left(logic) vs right(creative) side of the brain

Well since everyone who’s reading this right now has a brain, it basically means GOD has blessed us all with some sort of a creative side or talent in our lives. Whether it be in science, music, drawing, tech or speaking.

It doesn’t really matter what sort of creativity you posses, the man above has been kind to bless us all differently. What matters is that you posses it, whether you’re utilizing it or not, you still posses it regardless.

Believe it or not, the same injustice that’s happening around the world is the same injustice you’re doing to your GOD given talent. You were brought in here for a reason. One of those reasons is to make the world a better place through your creativity.

Unfortunately though, lot of people don’t get to express their creativity on a higher maximum level. They’re too busy calling someone else BOSS on a daily basis without much shame.

You Only Need One Deal In Business To Cover Someone’s 10 Year Salary

Unlock your creative side by taking risks and being fearless

Be Your Own Boss

Just imagine, creativity that can solve human problems is being reduced to, “YES BOSS” or ” IT WON’T HAPPEN AGAIN BOSS” on a regular basis. This is totally wrong and needs to change fast because time waits for no man.

Tap into your creative side and be your own boss

From the stone age, the human species has always been a curious creature. That’s why there’s been multiple revolutions in all the industries they entered & explored, from tech to agriculture and the many others.

As time went on though, it seems like the exploring curiousity humans possessed has been reduced to nothing but fear. That’s why they see no shame in calling somebody else BOSS and see everything wrong with someone fighting for their dreams.

GOD gave you a creative side, make better use of it

The same creative side you possessed as a child believing you can do anything is the same creativity that still exists within you. You’re still alive. There’s still time to awaken it….GOODLUCK.