Its Easy To Print T-shirts With Logos, Here’s Where The Real Challenge Lies

Now that the hype of forex trading has went down, there’s a new trend in town, whereby most South Africans are trying to sell t-shirts and caps with branded logos.

Well since most people are doing it all over the country, its safe to classify the business under the “Me Too” businesses.

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Its Easy To Start

The number one reason why this industry is so flooded is because its just way too easy to start.

With less than R1500 start-up capital, a brand name and a social media presence, an individual is already in business, its that simple.

Difficult To Finish

A wise man once said, “everyone can start but only few reach the finish line” and this statement proves to be true when coming to the branded apparels business.

Those branded t-shirts and caps need to be sold in order to make profit and that’s where the real challenge unfortunately starts.

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Business has two parts, product development and marketing, the latter presents the most difficult part of the cycle. Most of the owners fail to market their branded apparels to reach more customers in the country, let alone abroad.

The only way to crack the formula and profit in this line of business, is to concentrate most of the efforts in finding marketing channels to reach more potential customers.

In Conclusion

I have nothing against the hustle of pushing branded T-shirts and caps, I just wanna remove the notion that its easy to succeed in that area of business simply because the level of entry are close to none.

There’s more to the business other than creating the logo, printing the T-shirts, and trying to sell on social media. The formula might seem easy on paper but trust me, its much more difficult to succeed in real life.


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  • Greetings, I’d like to join the business but I donno how it works or where to start. I need assistance

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