The Difference Between The Lady Zamar’s & Failures Of The World

In the world we’re living in, there’s two types of people in our societies; successful and unsuccessful people, the latter unfortunately presents the category most people fall in.

Lady Zamar, who’s arguably top 5 best vocalist we have in the country, has recently posted on her Twitter page about how one should alter their thoughts to see some positivity and success in their lives.

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Lady Zamar's tweet

Well looking at what Zamar’s saying on a more deeper level, we can understand how she became a success story in her life, she’s a positive person to put it in simple terms.

Lady Zamar's

Lady Zamar being a positive person doesn’t mean the unfortunate don’t occur at all in her life, they do happen, its impossible to avoid such things from happening as they constitute a normal part of living life.

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A wise man once said, “life is 10% what happens and 90% how we react to it” and that’s where the difference comes between the Lady Zamar’s and failures of the world. You see, positive people react positively even in disastrous situations whereas negative people do the exact opposite.

For instance, its highly probable that Lady Zamar has had some days in the studio whereby no hit came or she just couldn’t find the right words to a beat but because she’s a positive person, she knew those days wouldn’t last forever but if it was someone else with a negative mindset, he/she would’ve given up right away.

Sometimes things aren’t gonna work out or atleast work out right away but if you have a positive mindset and enough perseverance, you’ll weather the storm. Maybe not instantly but eventually you will find a way.

So in Lady Zamar’s words, “you create your life by the thoughts you think…. change your mind, change your life!”….GOODLUCK


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