OPINION|| Money Can’t Buy Success, Mabala Noise Is The Perfect Example

Can money buy success?? This question has probably been asked one hundred thousand trillion times and still to this day, no one can come to an answer we can all agree on.

Some people do agree that money can buy success while others totally disagree. Here’s my take on the whole matter, using Mabala Noise as a perfect example of showing that money can’t buy success or atleast in a more direct way.

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The Beginning

DJ Bongz founded the record label, Mabalabala, in 2015 but after ANC Youth League Treasurer General, Reggie Nkabinde, joined forces with him as co-founder, the label was renamed to Mabala Noise in 2016, which was the year they officially launched.

Mabala Noise Starts Making Noise

Reggie was the cashcow of the label and with cash injection, came massive signings of Mzansi’s top stars including Zakwe, Gigi Lamayne, PRO, Du Boiz, Jay Spitter, Riky Rick, Major League DJz and Nasty C.

As you’d expect, the whole country was shocked by the moves Mabala was pulling in a short amount of space but nonetheless, the public still clapped hands.

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Walls Start To Crack

You’d think with the big pockets and major moves Mabala pulled, we’d be painting a picture of success and positivity but unfortunately, the walls started to crumble in the company.

Artists started to leave the stable quickly after one of the co-founders, Reggie, was alleged to have smuggled state money to keep the company afloat.

This wasn’t the reason alone, some artists like Gigi Lamayne, were just having creative differences with the management and saw it fit to leave, as the label wasn’t aligned with their vision as agreed upon from the start.

But Mabala Had Money…

While it can be agreed that Mabala Noise had the financial resources to compete, what they didn’t have though, was a proper plan to execute their vision.

They just threw money around hoping a fish will catch the hook, not knowing you still need to pull the hook out of the water to get the fish in your hands.

Mabala Noise thought money could just fix every problem and to a certain extent, that’s true but not always. Some problems just need time, planning and human interaction to be fixed properly.

Quality Product

Quality music is the number thing every record label should prioritize before anything else, Mabala Noise didn’t do such.

For instance, one of their rappers, Du Boiz, had a song called Dope Dreams Ft. Tyga. Listening to the collabo, you could tell it wasn’t sounding organic, it was more of a cash grab for Tyga and exposure for Du Boiz.

Bad Management

Although Reggie was the cashcow of the label, he didn’t have the industry know-how but still, he wanted to be the CEO and run the label while he’s just a politician.

He could’ve laid back and given that role to the other experienced co-founder, DJ Bongz, who not only knows what artists need but what makes them tick too.

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It Takes Time

If you plant a flower today, you can’t really expect it to blossom tomorrow. It doesn’t matter whether you have water, manure or the sun at hand, it takes time.

While it goes without saying that money can speed up the time it takes to achieve something, success usually takes time, Its just the laws of nature. Some forces just have to blend in correctly before some magic can happen.

In Conclusion

Mabala Noise had all the ingredients to make the best cake in the world but they just rushed the whole process and ended up failing.