Why Did Some Make Individuals Make It Despite Apartheid?? Here’s A Possible Answer

Make no mistakes about it, apartheid was very harsh and created little to no opportunities for blacks to make it, not only in business but life too. 

Apartheid enentrepreneurial heroes

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Despite the harshness of apartheid, some individuals like Richard Maponya and Herman Mashaba managed to find a loophole in the system and make a success out of themselves.

How Did This Happen?

Now the million rand question would be what exactly made this kinda individuals weather the storm and achieve success in near impossible conditions?

You’re Too Creative To Be Calling Someone Else Boss
Well the answer is a very complex one but if we’re to sum it all up to one word, it will be just be, mindset. YES! this kinda individuals possess a mindset that allows them to think differently from the rest of the pack.

Despite them having every right to complain about life in South Africa. They instead chose to be grateful they were alive in the first place. Instead of complaining, they chose to find solutions. Instead of giving up when new laws were imposed on black businesses, they chose to find a way around it.

Physical wise, this individuals are just the same as everyone. They don’t possess any superhuman powers or have the best of luck, they only difference is their way of thinking.

Obviously someone might say its easy to talk or you weren’t there during apartheid but it still doesn’t make a difference. YES! apartheid segregation was harsh and brutal but the law of success apply in any conditions, good or bad. So basically, those who applied law of success managed to make a name for themselves despite apartheid.

Moral of the story: if your mind is filled with positivity, more positivity will come in your life.




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