OPINION|| You Can’t Do It All By Yourself, Don’t Be Like Jomo

A wise man once said, “no man is an island” you can’t do it all by yourself, at some point in life, you’re gonna need help with something, start making peace with it as its inevitable.

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You Can’t Do It All By Yourself

No matter how smart, pretty, loaded and talented you’re, you can’t do it all by yourself in life. If you wait for a second and think about it, everything you’re seeing around you was due to a combination of efforts, not by one man’s doing.

Sadly, it has now gotten to the point where we as the human race, instead of working together as one team, we’re moving away from each other as much as possible and believe it or not, this strategy doesn’t bear much fruits.

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Jomo Sono

If there’s ever a man who can attest to that last statement, has to be none other than Jomo Sono, who’s a legendary former football player in South Africa, who has won it all and seen it all in the football world.

But wait, if Jomo is so much of a hero, then why should he attest to the statement depicting lack of achievements and no bearing of fruits??

Well as much as Jomo is a legendary soccer player, on the managerial or coaching side of things, he has failed dismally and has no one to blame but himself for that.

Jomo wanted to do it all by himself, the same way he was scoring goals in the playing field, he wanted to repeat the same feat on the managerial side of things. Unfortunately, that’s where the bomb for destruction started ticking.

In his own club, Jomo Cosmos FC, he wanted to run the show by himself without much help. From owning the club, being the CEO, CFO, Director, Scout, Coach and wait for it…even the BUS DRIVER.

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Get The Right People

Just imagine, companies hire individuals for those roles but Jomo being hard headed and greedy, thought he could do it all on his own.

This over multitasking led to his club being demoted from the 1st tier league of the country and as of this writing, the club is currently languishing at the 13th position in 2nd tier league showing no signs of recovery.

Jomo should’ve just hired the right people to cover up some of the areas he wasn’t familiar with and concentrate most of his efforts on coaching the players and running the club.

It was gonna be understandable if Jomo was just starting out with owning and running a club but he’s been in existence since 1983 which was about 38 years ago. He surely can afford to hire the right people to manage the other side of business.

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Reality Check For Jomo

His disastrous coaching career has sadly clouded his very own football achievements he’s amassed during his playing years. People now associate Jomo more to failure than success and that’s sad to see, it wasn’t supposed to get to this point.

In Conclusion

Don’t be the Jomo Sono of life, ask for help when you’re confused, associate yourself with the right people and most importantly, don’t try to do it all on your own.



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