How Marnus Broodryk Capitalized On A Million Rand Opportunity At His Low Paying Job

Don’t just sit there and gossip about how Nomsa repeated her red dress again or how George has a stinking breath, look for pain points. Pain points are opportunities you can exploit to better your life from that job you hate so much.

In order to recognize opportunities within your job, you gotta have a different train of thought from the rest of your colleagues or people in your circle.

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There’s always pain points everywhere and if you disagree, you’re either living under a rock or just aren’t equipped enough to spot them. In a perfect world, there would have no pain points at all but since our dearly beloved earth is far away from perfection, they exist in abundance.

Ever heard of the saying, “it’s not that bad”……believe me you, that same saying rings true to your job too, atleast if you can spot pain points.

While working as an auditor for a measly salary in Free State, Marnus Broodryk recognized an opportunity which he fulfilled and ultimately, made him a multimillionaire at a young age of 24.

He was part of an auditing team heading up Afrimat’s auditing process as they bid to list on JSE. He realized he hated(pain point) the whole auditing procedures as they always took a long time to complete.

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He thought to himself that he wanted to add value to companies, and sitting all day doing audits just didn’t fit the description of adding value.

This prompted him to start thinking of ways he can exploit the pain points he was seeing and the idea of The Beancounter was birthed. An accounting venture that would help SMEs build bigger, more sustainable and profitable businesses.

Seeing that Free State wasn’t the right environment for his business, Marnus took a leap and went to the economic hub of the country, Johannesburg and made The Beancounter a business worth billions.

YES you wanna quit your job and tell you boss to shove it, but that will only be possible if you are able to recognize opportunities and exploit them to their maximum benefit.

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How does one spot opportunities??….well when you catch either yourself or someone else in these phrases below, you’ve uncovered an opportunity:

Opportunities exist in abundance all over the world, they are just waiting for you to grab and exploit them for monetary benefits.


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