OPINION|| Oskido Truly Shows That Lighting Someone’s Candle Won’t Dim Yours

Oskido played a huge role in constructing the music industry of South Africa into what it is today. He paved the way for many artists in the country to make money from their art and not be robbed by major labels.

During the course of his career spanning over 26 years, Oskido has introduced and given opportunities to many artists in the country. From the likes of Mafikizolo, DJ Zinhle, Black Motion, Bongo Maffin and many others

A wise man once said, “the success of a person is not measured by how much he has accumulated, its measured by how many people he made successful.”

Analyzing the statement and looking at Oskido’s life, we can conclude that the legendary DJ has been super successful in his life, not because he just bought a new Porsche or his latest single got certified platinum but because he managed to make others successful on his journey.

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By others, I’m not only referring to the famous ones you see on TV, I’m also referring to the lesser known ones including the receptionist at Kalawa’s offices, the producers who don’t appear in videos, the tour bus drivers, the accountant and many others.

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The Art Of Helping Others

Oskido has perfected the art of helping others, it comes so easy to him because he knows something you probably don’t know about helping others.

When you light your burning candle onto others, it doesn’t dim or switch yours off but instead, it makes it shine even much more brighter.

The success of all those Oskido has helped has made his career even more brighter. For instance, when DJ Zinhle tops charts with her latest hit, directly or indirectly, Oskido benefits from the success in many ways not just in monetary terms.

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In Closing…

Contrary to what most believe, helping others won’t take the shine away from you but instead, will bring more shine into your life as you help out more people with what GOD has given you.