OPINION|| The Magic Behind Nandos Adverts

The marketing ammunition can sell millions of mediocre products, Nandos saw this from the start, that’s why the company spends so much money and puts massive creativity behind their marketing strategy.

Nandos Adverts

Nandos knows that marketing is way more important than the product itself, in its case, the roasted chicken. Business is not creating the product, business is selling the product.

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So the 1 hundred thousand trillion rand question, “why does Nandos adverts always become hits or connect more with the public??”….

Well its not an a-b-c answer but at the core of it, Nandos incorporates whatever’s trending in the country on its ads, whether it be in politics, crime, sports or whatever.

Roasted Chicken

How many companies in the world are selling roasted chicken??….2 words, A LOT but how many companies are profiting from selling roasted chicken like how Nandos does?…2 words, only few.

Nandos adverts

The roasted chicken industry is very saturated, so to differentiate themselves from the pack, Nandos concentrated more of their efforts on marketing and branding to win most of the profits.

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Nandos Marketing Strategy

When it comes to marketing, Nandos goes all out with the budget and creativity.

Whenever something funny, sorrow or political is trending in the country, you’re more likely to see a Nandos advert relating to that hot trending topic.

Nandos adverts

For instance, when Ace Magashule was suspended from the ANC by President Ramaphosa and in turn suspended the President himself, it trended for days on social media, Nandos did this funny advert on the political matter:

The amazing thing about Nandos adverts is that they don’t come after 3 months like how most companies roll out their ads. Whenever something is trending, the Nandos marketing team will find an angle to incorporate that hot topic on their ads and excite the public.

Nandos adverts

The Nandos ads have become so popular that whenever something is trending in the country, people will quickly go to the Nandos social media pages to see what funny angle they’ve come up with that time around.

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Well Nandos knows that whenever something is trending in the country, many people will most probably go check it out.

So creating a version of whatever’s trending into ads, will also create some spark and laughter while at the same time, advertising Nandos products to millions.

On top of that, the ads to really cost a lot because they mostly leverage the social media channels as opposed to expensive TV.

In Conclusion

Don’t concentrate too much on product development, concentrate most of your efforts on a marketing strategy because ultimately, its the marketing that sells, not the product.


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