OPINION|| Get Others To Do The Work For You But Always Take The Credit Like DJ Maphorisa

The world is not all kitty games and candies as mommy might have said, this is war ladies & gentleman, with that said, you need to arm yourself with the right strategies to win and prosper in life.

The likes of DJ Maphorisa saw this from the start, that’s why you constantly see him winning. He makes use of Law 7 From 48 Laws Of Power: GET OTHERS TO DO THE WORK FOR YOU BUT ALWAYS TAKE THE CREDIT.

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Whether you like him or not, you can’t deny that Maphorisa is a force to be reckoned in the Music Industry Of South Africa. He has accomplished a lot from topping charts, winning awards and remaining relevant after so many years.

Believe it or not, Maphorisa did not accomplish all of this through his own talents alone, he used the talents of others to achieve some of his objectives and wait till I tell you, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, THIS IS WAR.

Keeps Talented People Around Him

No one man can have all this power, Maphorisa might be talented in a certain area but lacking in another. In order to ensure he has hits in Gqom, Amapino, House, Hip Hop or the other genres, Maphorisa keeps talented artists around him and rides their wave.

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Riding Waves

SA Hip Hop

There was a time when SA Hip Hop was hot, Maphorisa was there on the production of Ngud by Kwesta, which was one of the biggest songs in the country.


There was a time when Gqom was blazing all over the country, Maphorisa was there with Midnight Starring Ft. Distruction Boyz, which was another banger Mzansi enjoyed so much.


We’re now in the Amapiano wave and guess who’s there??? DJ Maphorisa, being all buddy buddy with Kabza The Small, who’s without doubt, the biggest player in the game.

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What Can You Learn??

Use others, either positively or negatively. Use other people’s talents to achieve your own objectives. You gotta remember, this isn’t candyland, this is a war zone.

I might be showing this law(GET OTHERS TO DO THE WORK FOR YOU BUT ALWAYS TAKE THE CREDIT) using Maphorisa as an example, but there’s tons of other people have done it throughout history and many are still doing it right now.

In Conclusion

This is not to discredit DJ Maphorisa’s accomplishments or anything but to highlight some of the strategies he deployed to ensure he stays on top forever.

You can either ignore this strategy because you think its morally wrong or you can equip yourself with it and always win like DJ Maphorisa…..THE CHOICE IS YOURS.




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