OPINION|| You Can Have The Best Talent But Still Fail – Just Look At Africa

One of life’s greatest mysteries is why’s the African continent still poor despite possessing natural resources, minerals, fertile soil, great weather, enormous wild life and so many other advantages at its disposal.

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The Parable Of Talent

Matthew 25:14-30; tells us how GOD expects the talent he blessed us with to be used according to its uses and purposes and if not, he’ll be unhappy.

Its sad to say this but Africa just seems to be failing to utilize its GOD given talent in the form of resources, while other continents with far fewer advantages at hand, have reached incredible heights of success.

But then again, sometimes talent isn’t enough when it comes to achieving incredible success in life, Africa is the perfect example to that statement.

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What Led To This??


This whole situation is way to complex to to be answered in a single take, there’s just way too many factors that contributed to the African continent being in this state but mostly, it revolves around politics and bad leadership.

Too much consuming and too little producing, that’s the slogan for all African countries.

We’re a consumer orientated nation more than all the other continents combined. We just depend too much on others to always come to our aid and unless this changes, the continent still gonna lap behind.

If Not Talent Then What?

We all remember that super talented soccer player who could’ve or should’ve been successful but somehow, failed to reach his full potential.

Although he possessed the talent given to him by GOD, what he didn’t have though, is skills to fully harness that talent to make him a success.

Some of those skills include self discipline, the ability to work with others in harmony, perseverance, vision and just being a teachable person.

Believe it or not, the same soccer player story is the same story we can paint about the African continent.

G8 Countries

If you look at all the G8 countries like the US and Germany, they don’t really possess many natural resources as compared to Africa but somehow, they’re way too developed.

They don’t possess the talent but have the other skills that are way too important than the talent itself.

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What Should Africa Do?

Copy what they’re doing and make slight improvements, simple as that. China did the same thing and now its an economic powerhouse, there’s nothing wrong with copying what’s working.

In Conclusion

Africa must find a working solution to its problems or else, it’ll always be known as the could’ve or should’ve continent of the world.


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