How An Insult From A Customer Inspired Priven Reddy To Become A Billionaire

Now the 100 thousand trillion rand question, “why do people wanna become successful in life???”…..

….well for different reasons but as for Priven Reddy, he wanted to become a success after a customer offered him a half eaten pizza as a tip.

Priven Reddy

Priven had a difficult upbringing as he lost his father at a young age. After the death of his father, his mother settled with a man who’d later become an alcoholic. He preferred buying beer instead of food, leaving Priven and his siblings sometimes going to bed on a hungry stomach.

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According to Priven, his negative childhood experiences laid the foundationa for the man he would later become, he always draws inspiration from the stark reality he grew up in.

Gateway Theater of Shopping

In his 20s, Priven was working as a waiter at the Gateway Theater of Shopping in Durban. He’d sweat all day serving customers and cleaning tables. One day, during one of his shifts, a tipping encounter with a customer gave Priven a wake up call.

The customer had just finished eating and gestured over to his plate containing a half eaten pizza and told him, “here this is for you, put it in a container and take it home”

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Priven Reddy

According to Priven, those words were like a sucker punch to his dignity, he couldn’t believe his eyes and was sad at how society treated its poor people.

That encounter infuriated him so much so, that going forward from that day, he swore on his father’s grave that he’ll become successful one day.

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Today, Priven is a serial tech entrepreneur, operating multiple ventures in diverse industry sectors. It took a couple of years since the pizza encounter but nonetheless, he still made it.

He’s the founder of WESENDER, Dryvar, Shypar, BENCHMARK VENTURE Capital, EON Aerospace and co-founder of Kagiso Interactive Media……….

………but none of that would have been possible had it not been for the geneous customer.




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