OPINION|| Why Night Clubs Like KONKA Prefer Hiring Attractive Waitresses Only

First and foremost, not all night clubs prefer hiring beautiful waitresses only and also, its not a requirement for a waitress to be beautiful or socially attractive.

What is a requirement, is that they are well groomed – meaning they are are clean, hair and makeup is done neatly and their clothing is pressed and clean. It’s all about how they present themselves.

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Attractive waitresses working at KONKA

Now that we’ve got that out the way, let’s get to the trillion rand question, “why do night clubs owners prefer hiring attractive waitresses only??”……well it has a lot to do with SEX.

You’ve read that right, SEX.

Its a proven fact that sex sells. Statistically, with all else being equal, customers generally prefer a night club with a physically attractive wait staff over one without.


Night club owners know that sex sells, always has, and always will. Night club owners know that by having attractive females as waitresses, male customers will be encouraged to buy more.

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According to the Journal of Sex Research, men think about sex about 19 times a day. Night club owners like to capitalize on popular interest. Sex is one of, if not the most, widespread interest.

Because of appearance-driven society, being attractive automatically gives them a leg up – the more attractive they are, the bigger the tip. All they gotta do is wear skin tight short dresses and have a slim body shape.

Although night clubs are frequented by both males and females, more often than not, its the boys who fork out the most money, because the ENTIRE PURPOSE OF nightclubs is for men to meet women.

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Having noticed that, club owners came with this strategy of using attractive waitresses to take as much money as they can away from the male buyers.

This strategy of using sex as a way to sell, is also used a lot in rap music. If you check most of the music videos in the Hip Hop genre, its filled with sexy attractive women.

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The vast majority of people who listen to rap music are males. So these videos contain attractive women as a way to appeal to this demographic, and get a lot of viewers – which translates to more money.

Its a marketing strategy that you can deploy in your business to get more money.

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