Why You Need To Apply Football Pressure In Life & Entrepreneurship

Have you ever watched a football match and a goal was scored against the bigger club by a small team.

Its like when the small team scores, the big team has a sudden awakening and gets super motivated to start applying massive pressure, to try and get an equalizer and also win the game too.

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Anyone watching that sort of match can always tell that if the big team continues applying that sort of pressure, eventually with time, they will manage to score a goal.

Football lovers have seen this sort of scenario many many times.

Now the 100 thousand trillion rand question, “how does this relate to entrepreneurship and life in general??”

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Well its not an ABC answer but unless you’re born into the Motsepes or Ruperts of the world, life has already scored a goal against you from the day you’re born.

You’re probably broke, working a job you hate, eating dust, getting a lot of NOs, don’t travel that much, don’t drive a sportscar, dining in Italian restaurants isn’t your norm, your salary doesn’t last for a month, loanshark has your ID, you hate your boss and so much more of the misisries life has to offer.

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Those are characteristics of life having scored a goal against you. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this will keep on continuing unless you apply massive pressure, similar to the one trailing big football clubs usually apply after a goal is scored against them.

So how do you apply that same pressure in entrepreneurship??

Work on your project or venture every single day and when the inevitable failure comes your way, don’t get disappointed, just learn from it and keep on applying the same massive pressure…..

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……eventually with enough time, perseverance, belief and desire, you will score a goal.



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