What This Controversial Episode Can Teach Us About Striking While The Iron Is Still Hot

According to Oxford dictionary, “strike while the iron is still hot,” basically means that one should use an opportunity immediately without much hesitation…….that’s exactly what MacG did last year in 2021 on his podcast.

It was around early December when a very controversial episode of Podcast & Chill With MacG, premiered on Channel O and was set to air on YouTube the following week as per agreement with Channel O, but due to the high demand the episode received, MacG released it that that very same week to exploit its 15 minutes of fame.

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It was episode 309 of the podcast and Jub Jub was a celebrity guest for that week, whereby he said some very controversial stuff. From agreeing that he smashed Amanda Du Pont to confessing that his babymama Kelly Khumalo bewitched him with muti and so many other jaw breaking revelations.

Immediately after that episode aired on Channel O, it quickly made rounds on the social media streets, whereby everyone was talking about Jub Jub’s answers regarding the questions MacG asked him.

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Things were so intense that Amanda Du Pont replied on an Instagram video that Jub Jub didn’t smash her as he said, but he raped her rather. Two more woman came to the scene and confessed that indeed Jub Jub raped them.

To top it all off, Moja Love suspended Jub Jub for his role as presenter of Uyajola99, as they didn’t wanna damage the image of their brand with a person accused of such a serious crime.

Seeing the world of Jub Jub crumbling in a matter of hours, MacG decided to release the episode of Jub Jub that very same week, even though he had released a video the previous day interviewing YoungstaCPT on YouTube.

MacG’s podcast operates in such a way that he releases a total of two videos per week on YouTube, one on Monday or Tuesday and the other on Wednesday or Friday.

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If say a video airs on Channel O this week, it will be released again the following week on YouTube for his subscribers.

But that time around, things were so different, the Jub Jub video had such a high demand from South Africans that it left MacG with no choice but to release it that very same week and broke his own rules.

Had he waited another 7 days to release the controversial episode, the video wouldn’t have made the record breaking numbers it made for a single video in 24 hours alone.

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Now today its the first of January 2022 and your iron is still hot, I want you to take this opportunity and make the most out of it.

Write down the goals you have for this year, create a plan on how you’ll achieve them and give it a consistent effort throughout the whole year……believe me you, once 2022 is done, you’ll get your MacG’s record breaking numbers.


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