From Watching Kids Going To Suncity To Owning Gyms Worth Millions – Tim Hogins

Tim Hogins had the most difficult upbringing, as he’s had to watch kids every weekend in the township piling into busses headed to Sun City, leaving his heart always shattered, knowing he couldn’t afford to join them.

As a young man seeing that, he made a promise to himself that one day, he would build fun parks were everyone could visit, more especially under privileged kids like himself.

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He matriculated in 1996 with high marks but unfortunately, tertiary education was never an option for him because his family just couldn’t afford it

Luckily for Tim, his cousin told him about a 4-week security guard course and as you’d expect, Tim aced it with flying colours. This secured him a position at a company’s top industrial site.

While he was 2 years locked-in as security guard, another opportunity presented itself. A free course in teaching COBOL, a back-end program system mostly used by the financial sector.

At that time, he had zero experience and had never touched a computer in his life but nonetheless, he still gave it a try. According to Tim, he knew how valuable programming skills were and wasn’t gonna let that free opportunity slip through his fingers.

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He failed at his first attempt but Tim Hogins was never one to give up that easily, he gave it a second try and succeeded. From then onwards, he managed to find an IT job at a small firm and as the years went by, he also managed to work for big companies like Dimension Data, EOH and SITA.

While working in the IT department, Tim applied for an account management position and was accepted, which is when he made the switch to sales.

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Tim’s end goal was to become a business owner, so being in the sales department provided him with the right foundation to learn much about the business world.

He started reading business self-help books and looked for business opportunities or problems he could solve. He brainstormed a couple of ideas but throughout all those sessions, the idea of outdoor gyms kept coming back to him.

His employers didn’t like the idea of Tim having a divided attention between his job and business interests, but despite all their warnings and threats, Tim focused on his entrepreneurial ventures.

Within a couple of months, he was retrenched from his job, which presented a financial blow but according to Tim, it was actually a blessing in disguise as it gave him enough time to focus on his business career full time.

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He launched Green Outdoor Gyms in February 2012 and in its first financial year, it achieved a turnover of a whopping R3 million. Ever since then, Tim has never looked back.

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