If You Want Real Gold, Be A Toyota, Not A Taxi Driver!

According to Stats SA, nearly 70% of all public transport occurs via taxis and while this percentages may seem huge to the eye, they certainly aren’t in the pockets of taxi drivers. They rarely become rich and that’s sad to see because they dedicate their entire lives into this industry.

In the casino world, it is said “the house always wins” and although this has never been said, but in the taxi industry of South Africa, Toyota always wins. If you want real gold in this world, rather be focus on being a Toyota than a taxi driver.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Be A Toyota

  1. Little To No Competition

Taxi drivers compete with each other all time for people. Some even leave their warm beds and wake up at 4am so they could get a full load. Although there’s Inyathi and Nissan Impendulo, Toyota is still theee main taxi manufacture in South Africa by a huge mile.

  1. Independency

A taxi driver in KZN or GP can’t just wake up and decide to operate their taxi on the roads of Limpopo, its just near impossible as there’s providential barriers but Toyota has its taxis in all the 9 provinces of South Africa at the same time.

  1. Bigger Money

As much as taxi drivers transport loads of people everyday back & forth, they still making peanuts. There’s still petrol costs, maintenance, car wash and food costs as part of the expenses, whereas Toyota always gets its monthly installments from the same taxi drivers and if not, REPOSSESS.

  1. You Won’t Get Killed

Taxi bosses kill each all the time, we’ve seen it on the news and read about it on the newspapers but what we’ve never seen though, is Toyota ever being killed.

  1. Accident, No Problem

Toyota always gets the money whether the taxis they manufacture get into accidents or not, but a taxi driver will have to wait until the taxi is fixed until he can get back to business.

  1. You Can Own As Many Toyotas

In the taxi industry, there’s a rule whereby an individual can’t own more than 15 taxis by himself while on the other hand, Toyota can sell as many Quantums as possible.

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  1. You Can Expand

As a taxi driver, your job is to transport people and it ends there whereas, Toyota can still expand its business to include other ventures like the Toyota Shop where they sell taxi parts or even an Auto Mechanic Center where they fix your taxi. In this way, Toyota maximizes the profitability of the brand.

Be The System

Being a Toyota doesn’t necessarily mean you should be an automotive manufacturer or be involved in the taxi business, it simply means in life, you should always aim to create or own a system, rather than be a part of one.


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