OPINION|| How Small Businesses Can Win Against Huge Corporations

First and foremost, how in the hell did these small businesses win?

  • How did a Google overtake Yahoo’s main business?
  • How did Uber take over the taxi cab industry?
  • How did a startup like Netflix take over the movie rental business and destroy Blockbuster video?
  • How did Spotify destroy physical album CDs??
  • How did Sam Walton pulverize the behemoth retailer Kmart?
  • How did Microsoft destroy the +200-year legacy of Encyclopedia Brittanica?
  • Why is Walmart so scared of online-based Amazon?

The Amazing Story of How Amelia Balls Grew Mrs H.S. Balls Chutney To A Global Brand

How can small businesses compete against mega corporations? Well the only way for startup entrepreneurs to win is by using their BRAINS, not their “PHYSICAL” strength.

Just think about it for a sec, behind every “David & Goliath” story in the business world, there’s always a common denominator which is STRATEGIC INNOVATION.

The only proven way for small businesses out-compete large corporations is through strategic innovation.

How Portia Mngomezulu Turned Portia M Into A Multimillion Skincare Brand

Strategic innovation is finding creative ways of using talent leverage, tax leverage, technological leverage, branding leverage, distribution leverage, financial leverage, etc.

If your business isn’t working out, don’t work harder, just CHANGE your strategy. Don’t you dare try fighting “Goliath” using his same weapons. Be creative and think outside the box to shock him.

Always remember, tactics win battles but strategy wins wars.

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