REVEALED|| The South African Company Owning Russian Bear Vodka

As everyone probably knows by now, Russian Bear is one of the most popular vodka brands in SA, however the brand is not in any way or form associated with Russia.

After President Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine, Russian troops invaded the neighboring country.

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The conflict between the two countries will impact the global economy badly, especially considering the fact that we are still emerging from the covid-19 pandemic. And so many countries were hoping for time to recover their already struggling economies.

Ever since the invasion, Russian-produced alcohol had been targeted, some countries have asked liquor stores to remove any Russian-branded products from their shelves.

Edward Snell & Co.

However, this shouldn’t be the case for Russian Bear Vodka, because it is a South African product, owned by Edward Snell & Co.

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Edward Snell & Co. was founded in 1848 by Edward Snell, and is currently the largest privately owned wine and spirits merchant in SA.

Apart from the Russian Bear brand, the company also owns these brands below:

Some of the alcohol brands owned by Edward Snell & Co.


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