The Most Important Lesson We Can Learn From The Success Of Maxhosa Africa

Usually when we start out our entrepreneurial journey, we have a detailed step-by-step plan of how we’ll bring our blockbuster idea to fruition but more often than not, our initial ideas are shattered by time and market response.

But wait, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s a good one actually, because the response will guide you on how you should conduct your business.

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Believe it or not, that’s exactly what happened with MAXHOSA AFRICA. The founder, Laduma Ngxokolo, initially wanted to create a premium knitwear range for boys coming back from initiation school, but the market response made him alter his plans.

There’s more to this, the market response also made him change the brand’s name from just MAXHOSA to MAXHOSA AFRICA.

This goes on to show that in entrepreneurship, what we initially start up with in the form of an idea, isn’t what we finally bring into fruition, due to time and how the market responds.

So what can we learn from this??…..a very simple lesson, JUST START.

YES! you’ve read that right, JUST START… see, starting is the key, it’s the answer, it’s the holygrail you’ve been looking for to open up doors into successland.

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The thing is, there’s so much uncertainty in entrepreneurship that its impossible to have all the answers when you’re in a planning mode, but as soon as you go for it and your hypothesis plays out over time, you’ll realize what’s working and what’s not working.

Laduma realized after he put the initiate knitwear range to the test, that the general market as whole liked what he was offering and as soon as he noticed that, he altered his plans to cater to everyone.

Even with the name change, Laduma realized during his journey that the initial brand name, MAXHOSA, appealed more to South Africans alone and if he wanted to position the brand well on global scale, he had to tweak the name to MAXHOSA AFRICA, which is what he did and now its flying high.

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But the thing is, Laduma would have never found out any of this had he never put his initial ideas to the test, the key for him was to start and the rest was figured out along the way.


Don’t get paralyzed during planning mode trying to figure out every possible scenario or red flag, the market response will come to your aid and pave the success route for you.




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