5 Business Lessons We Can Learn From A Baby Trying To Walk For The First Time

A baby will notice that the people around him can walk standing on both their feet, while on the other hand, he’s just sitting on his bums. This won’t sit well with him and so an idea will pop up in his mind that he can walk like other people too.

Afterwards, the baby will make initial plans to stand up and start walking like other normal people but more often than not, he’ll fall to the ground a couple of times.

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Initially he thought he’d just stand up and walk like other people whom he deemed normal but reality(market response) had different plans.

Seeing that his initial plan isn’t working, the baby will devise a new plan that if he can walk while balancing himself by the walls, sofas, table or anything that’s stable enough, he can achieve walking success.

He’ll try the second plan a couple of times and after seeing it yielding different results from his initial plan, he’ll become so excited to the fact that he finally found his first big breakthrough on the journey to walking success.

From then onwards, he’ll work using the cards his 2nd plan handed him and will soon realize if he plays them well enough, he might achieve his walking goal pretty soon.

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He’ll realize that in order to achieve walking success, he has to release his hands from balancing by the walls.

He’ll first try by releasing one hand, while balancing himself by the other on the wall and will then see that he’s still standing.

The last step for the baby will be to release the second hand from balancing by the wall. After attempting it, he’ll fall a couple of times but this time around, his standing seconds will be way much longer than when he first tried.

The more he tries again and again, the more his standing seconds increases and by the time he goes for another try after enough time has passed, he’ll realize that he can now stand and walk like other people.

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What Can We Learn From This?

  1. Have A Goal In Mind
    After the baby noticed that people around him were walking with both feet while standing, he quickly devised a plan to walk like them and took action upon it.
  2. Never Give Up
    No where in the story did the baby ever think about giving up despite falling a thousand times.
  3. Learn From Your Failures
    The baby realized he fell every time if he tried to stand on his own, so he then started by balancing himself by the walls.
  4. Celebrate Small Wins
    The baby got excited after his first breakthrough of seeing himself walking while balancing by the the walls. This gave him motivation to keep trying again.
  5. Don’t Remain Stagnant
    When the baby got his first big win, he celebrated and still continued going forward to finish the mission.

So don’t get caught up in your small wins that you forget the end goal.


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