When You’re Looking For Employment vs When You’re Looking For Money….

When you’re looking for employment, more people seems like enemies, because it feels like they may get what you’re looking for before you.

But when you’re looking for money, more people are a blessing as it increases chances of getting what you’re searching for, because money comes from people…

The most difficult thing to do in the world is to start. But once started, that’s when you realise it’s not as bad as you thought it would be.

Because, when you think of doing something before actually doing it, there are challenges and disadvantages which may cross your mind, challenges and disadvantages which won’t actually take place in the real world..

Ideas don’t fail, it’s owners of ideas who mostly give up.

By “each for its own” means, some of what’s struggle for others, may be your strength.

But if you judge the journey you never walked by the experience of others, you may think of yourself as a failure without being tested…

Success can be linear for ten years, or 30, but setbacks would eventually come, and if whomever is successful refuse to learn from them, they will eventually go back to where they were, because there’s no permanent soft life on the top…

When people say they’re working hard, they’re indeed working hard, and to work hard doesn’t mean to go to work everyday..
Smart plannings which produces big results in small period of time is also hardwork, which takes place in the mind….

Talking about privileges of others to explain your condition is good for venting, but it doesn’t help with anything, job search is a struggle on its own, and giving up doesn’t help either.

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