Execution is making an idea real and giving the battery a charge. Execution is taking that Lamborghini out of the garage and slamming the accelerator to the floor, with the wind giving you a temporary face-lift. Execution is getting that idea out of your
mind on onto the roads of possibility.


Entrepreneurs struggle to differentiate between idea and execution. They
think ideas are worth millions, when success is never about the idea but about
the execution. “I had that idea!” Oh yeah, who cares?

So did a thousand other people. What separates you from them? They executed.
You didn’t, and you did nothing.

Instead, you spent hours playing fantasy football. You spent the morning sleeping. You spent five days at a job. You chose everything but that great idea. You see, ideas are nothing but a chemical reaction in your brain.

It s an event that requires little effort. An idea is the event, while the execution is the
process. Lekau Sehoana didnt start Drip Footwear in a flash of brilliance; no, he took that flash (the event) and transformed it into massive execution (the process). Execution is the great divider separating winners and losers from their ideas.


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