Don’t Cheat Your Entrepreneurial Payout

Don’t Cheat Your Entrepreneurial Payout

Starting a business is tough. Owning one is tougher.

And no matter what business you own, let’s be clear: It will work you silly. I don’t care if you own a local landscaping company or a multinational software service, the life choice to be an entrepreneur can be rip-your-hair out challenging. Obstacles and problems are all part of the process, requiring unrelenting commitment.

So with the cost of entrepreneurship so high, why on earth would you cheat your payout?

Assuming everything goes your way—a little luck, great timing, and a banging execution plan—what stands to be the outcome from your best-case scenario? Will you be celebrating in a steakhouse, compliments of your great month? Or on a beach, celebrating how your life will never be the same?

The point is this: You’re going to have to work your ass off, and if all the cards hop your way, you want a big payout. If you’re going to scale a mountain, you want the jackpot at the top to be worthwhile, not a salad and breadsticks at Spur.

Seriously, would you buy lottery tickets if the grand prize was R250? You work crazy hours and your reward is a thirty-year mortgage in suburbia that you can barely pay?

Play small and you shortchange a strong effort with weak rewards. Build a business that makes a difference in your customers’ lives but, more importantly, yours.

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