South African Entrepreneur Reveals How She Plans On Expanding Her Business

Nirmala Juice was launched in 2015 by Motshabi Hlatshaneni, a young and bubbly entrepreneur who’s lovingly known as simply ‘Mo’.

She spent some time working in the hospitality industry across the US, and experienced how the cold pressed juicing phenomena could heal and transform a person’s lifestyle and health.

Natural is always best. So we manufacturers of cold pressed, 100% fruit, vegetable and herb blends, nothing added nothing taken away – we don’t even add water. So just the juice that comes from the individual fuser vegetables in our own delicious recipes.

On her return home in 2013, she couldn’t find any cold pressed juices on offer, her frustration with lack of cold pressed juices forced her to investigate deeper into this blooming cold pressed juicing idea.

She explains how she plans on expanding her Nirmala Juice empire, see the video below:

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