“School won’t get you this lifestyle”…..Tick Tocker Quickly Brought Back To Reality

There’s a video making rounds on the social media streets, where a South African Tick Tocker posted a video of mansion with expensive supercars and titled it, “Reason why I’m Schooling,”….see the video below:

As you’d expect, as soon as South Africans caught notice of this video, they quickly ran to the comments section to tell him the harsh reality that school won’t get him that type of lifestyle, the only thing he can buy on video is the VW Polo, and only through monthly installments.

So why are people bashing him for dreaming of this lifestyle through school??

Well the thing is school prepares one to take an established role in an established industry, but since there are many people willing and able to perform those roles already, they rarely if ever get paid the ‘BIG MONEY.’

School is not bad, its a great way to earn a regular pay cheque from an employer but for this sort of lifestyle in the video, one needs to be wealthy, and wealth is acquired through exceptional performance, or said in another way, if you want to be a billionaire, solve billion dollar problems.

School can only teach you the solutions billionaires or millionaires have already figured out.

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