Store Number 35: Theo Baloyi Comes With Another Bathu Store

Founder and CEO of Bathu, Theo Baloyi, recently took to his Twitter to announce Bathu’s 35th store opening at Elim Mall in Giyani, Limpopo. He also added that he owns the brand 100% by himself.

Theo Baloyi is a man focused on his mission, there’s simply no stopping him. Three weeks before the grand opening of Bathu’s 35th store, he launched his first ever perfume store, Avenue Exchange, in Pretoria.

Bathu was launched in 2015 after Baloyi realized there wasn’t any sneaker brand that authentically nerrated the African story. Initially launched as an e-commerce site, the brand has expanded over the years, created 120+ jobs and birthed a new perfume company.

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