5 Entrepreneurs Who Used The R350 Grant To Start Their Businesses

Starting a business with the R350 grant is not impossible, these 5 individuals are living proof. They took their grant money and started businesses which have grown successfully.

All big businesses started small. These 5 entrepreneurs know that very well, a mere R350 can go a long way…..

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01. Soweto Creamery

Thando Makhubu, founder of Soweto Creamery

Thando Makhubu saved his R350 grant for 2 months to start a gourmet ice cream business in Soweto.

His success story was mentioned by President Ramaphosa during his SONA speech.

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02. Lady Q Designs

Silusapho Nyanda, founder of Lady Q Designs

Silusapho Nyanda used her monthly R350 to start Lady Q Designs, a business that converts old tires into new furniture.

She was inspired by YouTube videos. She used the R350 to buy a second-hand power drill & couch stapler.

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03. Mbuks Catering Services

Pumla Gobela, founder of Mbuks Catering Services

Pumla Gobelo is used the R350 grant to launch her own catering business, Mbuks Catering Services, which serves her Eastern Cape clients in Butterworth.

The bubbly woman says she always wanted to own her mobile kitchen unit and eventually managed to buy it after 10 years.

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04. Clemmy Monate’s Pizza

Clemmy Mohapi, founder of Clemmy’s Monate Pizza

Clemmy Mohapi from Ikhutseng township in the Northern Cape, started her pizza business in December 2020 with her R350 unemployment grant.

She sells medium, large and super large delicious pizzas and they start from R60 to R135.

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05. Sentle Kode

Sentle Kode

Sentle Kode used the little R350 grant to make things happen. He started a business, which has grown successfully.

The R350 was Sentle’s saving grace and he worked with it.

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Admin’s 5 tips to starting a business with little money:

  • Do things incrementally.
  • Don’t bombard yourself with too many goals.
  • Don’t start with step 50, start with step 1.
  • Don’t get ahead of yourself.
  • Start with a skeleton first and put the muscles and flesh on it as you go.

Always remember that you can do whatever you want if you have the correct mindset.

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