Rather die and leave money, than to live without creating an access to money….

Money isn’t everything is true, but life without money isn’t only hard, it’s also hurtful.

Apart from the fact that you’ll be unable to do things which is mandatory to do for your own survival, you’ll be discriminated against by people who once vowed to be your besties forever, and your own family will deem you useless, and allocate to you slave like tasks in order for them to assist you with some human needs…

The once beautiful clothes will become uglier after every wash, and you’d ask yourself, “what wrong have you done?”, upon realising you’re without means to get yourself other clothes in prestige condition.

The truth is you may have not done nothing wrong, but allowed time pass you by, and when your peers goes one direction, you went your own direction and stated your own reasons.

And for every action, there’s reaction, but most of the time, when the time comes to deal with consequences of our actions, people tend to make it seems like it’s somebody’s fault, or God hates them, hence they’re going through, what they’re going through.

Like now, a great number of people who should be worried about gaining their independence from their parents [especially 80’s and 90’s gang], are more focused on getting sorted for weekly groove, and years from now, when their luck with money becomes limited, and still not knowing how to feed themselves, many will start formulating stories of witchcraft to console themselves before the public, than to admit they wasted the opportunity to stand on their own, because they were refusing to grow up…

Tarvens smells armpits, because they’re full of people who should be making space for ama2000…

All generations must move altogether in one motion, it doesn’t matter who’s behind or who’s ahead, as long as they’re in a uniform motion heading to the same direction.

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