Go Ahead and Start A Business But Don’t Quit Your Day Job Yet

Go ahead and start a business but don’t quit your day job yet, this year(2023) we’re doing away with mentalities to feed egos, Masquerading as financial literacy, when they actually don’t have finances [estimations] they’re always making posts about.

There are more ideas which have failed, than ideas which are today a reality. Our Economic Battle is about making as much money as we can and able to, not necessarily to hold positions, or to be identified with unnecessary titles.

Employment is a source of money, and advising people to quit employment over an idea to make money is illogical.

When having employment as a source of income, it becomes easier to create another source of income. But quitting a job over an untested idea defeat the purpose of creating multiple streams of income..

Being an own Boss and run an organisation, or initiation which deals with payments of other people requires more than skills.

You need to know how to handle/control people without making them feel they’re being controlled. And have abilities to go and market more business for people, in order to be able to make them perform tasks on your behalf..

If being considered a boss was as easy as penniless financial advisors puts it, and employment was slavery as they say, they could have been bosses of their own organisations, than to seat down by the street corner begging R2’s to buy weed, and smoke to feel delusional, when they think they’re high and conscious, before they come on Facebook and call people slaves for working to feed themselves, as a self-consolation for their own lack of capital…

The time to leave a job to focus on another stream of income of your own is when the side hustle you’ve initiated by the money earned from the job, begin to generate money which you have realised it would be more than what you get paid, if you are re to invest more of your time, creativity and energy on it.

But never leave a job following mumbles of penniless financial advisors roaming all over the Facebook streets.

Not all lottery winners, and RAF(Road Accident Fund) beneficiaries, and retired men finished all their monies on entertainment, there are those who tried to venture on businesses, but it didn’t work out.

And not as a result of black on black hate, but as a results of lacking relevant skills, and knowledge to run a self sustaining and profitable business.

Give yourself time to learn, and never be pressured into making premature decisions. Life isn’t rushing anywhere, you’re not being left behind, it’s all in people’s imagination.

Take all the time you need to think, and take decisions you won’t need to reverse, even if it means facing thousand difficulties.

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