Why Female Bosses Are Usually Rude To Clients OR Employees

Being in a leading role especially in the work space calls so much of embodying the masculine energy. Basis of this energy is testosterone and while man produces loads of amounts of it, women don’t.

In order to embody the energy, many women are compelled to often shift away from the feminine (empathetic, soft, accommodating, teaching, flexible, nurturing etc) to the masculine (results driven, stern/strict, rigid, futuristic, spearheading, etc )

This results in a woman constantly feeling her energy depleted or easily stressed or sensitive to stresses. Even in relationships it’s the same, it’s not because the woman is cocky or anything, she’s normally just out of balance and seeking to return home, to more comfort, relaxed states and provided security without losing her individuality.

Only fewer environments allow a woman to be perfectly in balance or more feminine in her leadership. And it’s definitely not in the competitive business world!

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