Poverty is a condition, not a human…..

I’m the enemy of poverty and my attacks against poverty are limitless.

Poverty is a condition, not a human. And humans shouldn’t define themselves by a condition. because, conditions can be changed at any time.

For humans to live in the condition which can be defined as poverty for longer than they should, it’s finding comfort in the condition, and learn to survive within the same condition.

The actions of humans are informed by their state of mind, and an impoverished mind can’t escape the living condition of poverty.

A rich mind is a nightmare to poverty, it defeats poverty, and laughs at the condition as a way to celebrate. Because poverty isn’t a condition to be proud of…

Like any curable diseases, it doesn’t needs to be denied, it needs to be accepted and treated. Because nobody can fix any problem, unless they accept they have a problem…

Whenever you feel attacked whenever I attack a condition of living, it’s because you’ve personalized yourself to the condition, which is very very much wrong, because you’re a human capable of moving from the condition.

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