Know your battles, and leave the government battle to Politicians, and only follow Politics to understand where the world is heading , and formulate logical decisions.

To reach adulthood means surviving and winning various battles of life, but when you’ve your energies mischanelled, your victories will benefit others, and look around and only to find nothing of your own to count.

As an ordinary citizens, foreigners in the country ain’t your problem to solve, your duty is to learn sailing amid them.

When you fight battles not your own, you’ll keep inviting unnecessary enemies for yourself, because the person you’re recruited to fight against, also have allies of their own. And when their allies charges on you, you’d think you’re being attacked or hated for nothing.

How many times have you voted and the political parties you voted for won?
And what changed in your life?
Nothing isn’t it? But did you know that people who recruited you to vote for them got even richer, because of the battle you won on their behalf?

It’s good to celebrate successes of others, but there must be time to celebrate your own, you can’t celebrate successes of others forever, you weren’t born to accompany others on this journey of life.

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