Humans often fail as a result of doing things wrongly….

No lake is bigger than a mouth. And nowhere is too far for a mouth. A mouth can take a drunkard from the case of beers he’s seated on at local tavern, and takes him straight to Dubai in a matter of seconds.

There’s nothing which is easy to do in this world, it’s professionals who makes things seems easier. It’s not every day that people fail because someone is jealous of them, hate from others, or witchcraft..

Humans often fail as a result of doing things wrongly. And no matter how many times a person may try to do something, no matter how hard they may try, and pray, it’ll never go right, unless they learn how to do it right.

There’s no God set time to dictate to people when their things will start to go the right way. Things goes right as soon as they’re done right, and that’s something beyond God’s control. God controls nature, and it’s the duties of humans to consider the reactions of nature in all their doings in order to accumulate better results.

The only time which requires waiting when things are done properly, it’s the reaction time of manifestation. [For example, when you cook pap, after pouring water in the pot and place it on the stove, you wait for some time for water to boil, before you can put in the maize meal, that’s reaction time].

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