“OVER 1.2 MILLION BOTTLES SOLD”…This is how much Cruz x AKA partnership has generated

In 2018, AKA signed an exclusive partnership with Cruz Vodka to create Cruz Watermelon Vodka and the Banana flavor which was added later on.


Under terms of the deal, AKA received a share in the vodka’s profit split per bottle sold throughout the whole continent of Africa – a game changer in the South African spirit beverage industry.

Yesterday, the Jealousy hitmaker took to his Twitter account to announce to milestones. First that his latest hit, Lemons Lemonade, is officially a platinum selling single. Secondly, he revealed that all his Cruz vodka bottles have sold over 1.2 million.

Both Cruz Watermelon and Banana sell for +/- R238 in leading retailers across the country, R238 x 1 200 000 give us about R285 600 000.

Well of course there are lot expenses that have to be settled but overall, this is how much the partnership has potentially generated in revenue.

Although numbers of the %split were never revealed, we do know that both parties made money and AKA is proud of that fact.

What’s next for AKA?

In early May, the Supamega posted a lengthy statement where Cruz Vodka shared the outcome of discussions between him and the Cruz management team. The discussions came after AKA revealed to the brand his ambition to launch his very own spirit brand with the Cruz management team.

He explained to his followers on Instagram that he had taken a decision to evolve his business and will be launching his spirit brand in the near future.

Apart from his business dealings, AKA is currently working on new music and has an album, Mass Country, lined up for his fans in 2023.

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